2014 Clemson football Season Summary

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08/30@Georgia45-21 L
09/06SC State$73-7 W
09/20@Florida State23-17 L
09/27North Carolina+50-35 W
10/04NC State%41-0 W
10/11Louisville~23-17 W
10/18@Boston College17-13 W
10/25Syracuse^16-6 W
11/06@Wake Forest (Thurs)34-20 W
11/15@Georgia Tech28-6 L
11/22Georgia St*#28-0 W
11/29South Carolina35-17 W
12/29Oklahoma(Russell Athletic Bowl)40-6 W
#Senior Day/Solid Orange Day; $Cheer Clinic/Youth Day; +Hall of Fame Day; ^Homecoming; %IPTAY Day; *Military Appreciation Day/Purple Out; ~Family Weekend; all times ET

Clemson Football Roster

Martin Aiken Photo 53 Martin Aiken DE 6-2/255 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Smoaks, SC
Mackensie Alexander Photo 2 Mackensie Alexander CB 5-10/189 Freshman (RS) RS Immokalee, FL
Shaq Anthony Photo 76 Shaq Anthony OT 6-4/276 Junior (RS) 2VL Williamston, SC
Stephone Anthony Photo 42 Stephone Anthony LB 6-3/245 Senior 3VL Polkton, NC
Adrian Baker Photo 21 Adrian Baker CB 6-0/180 Freshman (RS) RS Hallandale, FL
Tavaris Barnes Photo 9 Tavaris Barnes DE 6-3/275 Senior (RS) 3VL Jacksonville, FL
Isaiah Battle Photo 79 Isaiah Battle OT 6-7/290 Junior 2VL Brooklyn, NY
David Beasley Photo 68 David Beasley OG 6-4/330 Senior (RS) 3VL Columbus, GA
Vic Beasley Photo 3 Vic Beasley DE 6-3/235 Senior (RS) 3VL Adairsville, GA
Travis Blanks Photo 11 Travis Blanks S 6-0/211 Junior 2VL Tallahassee, FL
Ben Boulware Photo 10 Ben Boulware OLB 6-0/235 Sophomore 1VL Anderson, SC
Jaquarius Brice Photo 40 Jaquarius Brice 6-2/215 Freshman HS Lancaster, SC
Zac Brooks Photo 24 Zac Brooks RB 6-1/200 Junior 2VL Jonesboro, AR
Beau Brown Photo 49 Beau Brown S 6-0/195 Junior (RS) SQ Beaufort, SC
Jim Brown Photo 76 Jim Brown LS 6-4/242 Junior (RS) SQ Walterboro, SC
Marcus Bullard Photo 47 Marcus Bullard LB 6-2/205 Junior (RS) SQ Columbia, SC
Brant Bullister Photo 62 Brant Bullister OT 6-6/315 Senior (RS) HS Greenville, SC
T.J. Burrell Photo 41 T.J. Burrell LB 5-11/216 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Goose Creek, SC
Roderick Byers Photo 40 Roderick Byers TE 6-4/295 Junior (RS) 2VL Rock Hill, SC
Ryan Carter Photo 31 Ryan Carter CB 5-9/180 Freshman (RS) RS Grayson, GA
Adam Choice Photo 26 Adam Choice RB 5-9/220 Freshman HS Thomasville, GA
William Cockerill Photo 61 William Cockerill OT 6-6/250 Sophomore (RS) SQ Sumter, SC
Sam Cooper Photo 86 Sam Cooper TE 6-6/245 Senior (RS) 3VL Brentwood, TN
Corey Crawford Photo 93 Corey Crawford DE 6-5/275 Senior 3VL Columbus, GA
Tyrone Crowder Photo 55 Tyrone Crowder OG 6-2/340 Freshman (RS) RS Marston, NC
C.J. Davidson Photo 21 C.J. Davidson RB 5-10/202 Junior (RS) 1VL Clemson, SC
Kalon Davis Photo 67 Kalon Davis OG 6-5/340 Senior (RS) 3VL Chester, SC
Kevin Dodd Photo 98 Kevin Dodd DE 6-5/268 Sophomore (RS) 2VL Taylors, SC
Adrien Dunn Photo 82 Adrien Dunn WR 5-7/180 Freshman (RS) RS Clemson, SC
Tyshon Dye Photo 22 Tyshon Dye RB 6-0/215 Freshman (RS) RS Elberton, GA
Marcus Edmond Photo 29 Marcus Edmond CB 6-0/170 Freshman (RS) RS Hopkins, SC
David Estes Photo 61 David Estes LS 6-0/200 Sophomore (RS) RS Mauldin, SC
David Estes Photo 62 David Estes LS 6-1/200 Freshman HS Mauldin, SC
Justin Falcinelli Photo 50 Justin Falcinelli OL 6-4/315 Freshman HS Middleton, MD
Kurt Fleming Photo 40 Kurt Fleming RB 6-0/233 Freshman HS Louisa, VA
C.J. Fuller Photo 27 C.J. Fuller RB 5-10/215 Freshman HS Easley, SC
Wayne Gallman Photo 9 Wayne Gallman RB 6-1/215 Freshman (RS) RS Loganville, GA
Jefferie Gibson Photo 17 Jefferie Gibson S 6-4/200 Freshman HS Hope Mills, NC
Alex Goode Photo 30 Alex Goode RB 5-9/200 Senior (RS) SQ Ninety Six, SC
B.J. Goodson Photo 44 B.J. Goodson LB 6-1/250 Junior (RS) 2VL Lamar, SC
Joe Gore Photo 73 Joe Gore OT 6-5/294 Junior (RS) 2VL Lake Waccamaw, NC
T.J. Green Photo 15 T.J. Green S 6-3/203 Sophomore 1VL Sylacauga, AL
D.J. Greenlee Photo 87 D.J. Greenlee TE 6-1/245 Freshman (RS) RS Clemson, SC
Christian Groomes Photo 39 Christian Groomes P/PK 5-10/185 Freshman HS Central, SC
Jay Guillermo Photo 57 Jay Guillermo C 6-3/310 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Maryville, TN
Quintin Hall Photo 35 Quintin Hall LB 6-0/225 Sophomore (RS) SQ Piedmont, SC
Taylor Hearn Photo 51 Taylor Hearn OL 6-5/325 Freshman HS Williston, SC
Germone Hopper Photo 5 Germone Hopper WR 5-11/175 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Charlotte, NC
D.J. Howard Photo 22 D.J. Howard RB 5-11/205 Senior (RS) 3VL Lincoln, AL
Adam Humphries Photo 13 Adam Humphries WR 5-11/195 Senior 3VL Spartanburg, SC
Josh Hutchinson Photo 72 Josh Hutchinson OL 6-7/285 Freshman HS Irmo, SC
Grady Jarrett Photo 50 Grady Jarrett DT 6-0/290 Senior 3VL Conyers, GA
Martin Jenkins Photo 14 Martin Jenkins CB 5-9/180 Senior (RS) 3VL Roswell, GA
Corbin Jenkins Photo 32 Corbin Jenkins K 5-10/175 Senior (RS) 1VL Conway, SC
Jadar Johnson Photo 18 Jadar Johnson S 6-0/210 Sophomore 1VL Orangeburg, SC
Oliver Jones Photo 65 Oliver Jones OT 6-5/320 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Ninety Six, SC
Kellen Jones Photo 52 Kellen Jones LB 6-1/233 Junior (RS) 1VL Houston, TX
Kendall Joseph Photo 34 Kendall Joseph LB 6-0/235 Freshman HS Belton, SC
Jayron Kearse Photo 1 Jayron Kearse S 6-4/224 Sophomore 1VL Fort Myers, FL
Demarre Kitt Photo 8 Demarre Kitt WR 6-1/183 Freshman HS Tyrone, GA
Ammon Lakip Photo 36 Ammon Lakip P/PK 5-11/200 Junior (RS) 1VL Alpharetta, GA
Shaq Lawson Photo 90 Shaq Lawson DE 6-3/272 Sophomore 1VL Central, SC
Jordan Leggett Photo 16 Jordan Leggett TE 6-5/260 Sophomore 1VL Navarre, FL
Andrew Maass Photo 84 Andrew Maass WR 6-4/200 Senior (RS) SQ Ridgeway, SC
Eric Mac Lain Photo 78 Eric Mac Lain OG 6-4/315 Junior (RS) 2VL Hope Mills, NC
Sean Mac Lain Photo 88 Sean Mac Lain WR 6-4/200 Freshman (RS) RS Hope Mills, SC
Collins Mauldin Photo 59 Collins Mauldin DE 6-1/230 Junior (RS) SQ Rock Hill, SC
Austin McCaskill Photo 17 Austin McCaskill QB 5-11/190 Junior (RS) SQ Easley, SC
Jay Jay McCullough Photo 89 Jay Jay McCullough TE 6-3/249 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Fort Mill, SC
Justin Miller Photo 59 Justin Miller TE 6-0/260 Freshman (RS) RS Six Mile, SC
Maverick Morris Photo 69 Maverick Morris OL 6-5/305 Freshman (RS) RS Broxton, GA
Ryan Norton Photo 58 Ryan Norton OL 6-3/284 Junior (RS) 2VL Simpsonville, SC
Dorian O'Daniel Photo 6 Dorian O'Daniel LB 6-1/215 Freshman (RS) RS Olney, MD
Ebenezer Ogundeko Photo 1 Ebenezer Ogundeko DE 6-3/250 Freshman (RS) RS Brooklyn, NY
David Olson Photo 10 David Olson QB 6-2/220 Grad Student TR Columbia, SC
Scott Pagano Photo 56 Scott Pagano DT 6-3/295 Freshman (RS) RS Honolulu, HI
Charone Peake Photo 19 Charone Peake WR 6-3/215 Junior (RS) 2VL Moore, SC
Garry Peters Photo 26 Garry Peters CB 6-0/190 Senior (RS) 3VL Conyers, GA
Bradley Pinion Photo 92 Bradley Pinion P 6-6/230 Junior 2VL Concord, NC
Kyrin Priester Photo 17 Kyrin Priester WR 6-1/186 Freshman HS Lilburn, GA
D.J. Reader Photo 48 D.J. Reader DT 6-3/325 Junior 2VL Greensboro, NC
Spencer Region Photo 74 Spencer Region OG 6-5/330 Junior (RS) 1VL Cullman, AL
Chris Register Photo 45 Chris Register DE 6-3/260 Freshman HS Browns Summit, NC
Hunter Renfrow Photo 13 Hunter Renfrow WR 5-10/185 Freshman HS Myrtle Beach, SC
Milan Richard Photo 80 Milan Richard TE 6-3/255 Freshman HS Savannah, GA
Chad Richardson Photo 46 Chad Richardson LB 5-11/225 Sophomore (RS) SQ Sumter, SC
Zach Riggs Photo 54 Zach Riggs C 6-5/270 Freshman (RS) RS Greer, SC
Jabril Robinson Photo 50 Jabril Robinson DL 6-2/265 Freshman HS Leland, NC
Daniel Rodriguez Photo 83 Daniel Rodriguez WR 5-8/180 Junior (RS) 2VL Stafford, VA
Dane Rogers Photo 85 Dane Rogers DE 6-3/269 Freshman (RS) RS Shelby, NC
Korie Rogers Photo 43 Korie Rogers OLB 6-2/244 Freshman HS Buford, GA
Seth Ryan Photo 85 Seth Ryan WR 6-0/175 Freshman (RS) RS Summit, NJ
Nick Schuessler Photo 12 Nick Schuessler QB 6-4/200 Sophomore (RS) SQ Grayson, GA
Artavis Scott Photo 3 Artavis Scott WR 5-11/190 Freshman HS Oldsmar, FL
Cameron Scott Photo 39 Cameron Scott CB 5-9/205 Freshman HS Florence, SC
Stanton Seckinger Photo 81 Stanton Seckinger TE 6-5/238 Junior (RS) 2VL Isle of Palms, SC
Robert Smith Photo 27 Robert Smith S 5-11/215 Senior 3VL St. George, SC
Cannon Smith Photo 84 Cannon Smith TE 6-4/265 Freshman HS Columbia, SC
Michael Sobeski Photo 75 Michael Sobeski LS 6-2/230 Senior (RS) 3VL Roebuck, SC
Alex Spence Photo 41 Alex Spence P/PK 6-1/205 Freshman HS Florence, SC
Tony Steward Photo 7 Tony Steward LB 6-/235 Senior 3VL Hastings, FL
Daniel Stone Photo 65 Daniel Stone OT 6-5/285 Sophomore (RS) SQ Simpsonville, SC
Cole Stoudt Photo 18 Cole Stoudt QB 6-4/225 Senior 3VL Dublin, OH
Cordrea Tankersley Photo 25 Cordrea Tankersley CB 6-1/200 Sophomore 1VL Beech Island, SC
Bradley Tatko Photo 59 Bradley Tatko LS 5-11/225 Freshman (RS) RS Greenwood, SC
Andy Teasdall Photo 32 Andy Teasdall P 5-11/190 Sophomore (RS) SQ Winston-Salem, NC
Trevion Thompson Photo 1 Trevion Thompson WR 6-2/205 Freshman HS Durham, NC
Carlos Watkins Photo 94 Carlos Watkins DT 6-3/305 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Mooresboro, NC
Josh Watson Photo 91 Josh Watson DT 6-4/290 Senior (RS) 3VL Wilmington, DE
Taylor Watson Photo 30 Taylor Watson S 5-10/200 Senior (RS) 2VL Simpsonville, SC
Deshaun Watson Photo 4 Deshaun Watson QB 6-2/218 Freshman HS Gainesville, GA
Reid Webster Photo 77 Reid Webster OT 6-4/300 Senior (RS) 3VL Woodstock, GA
Korrin Wiggins Photo 15 Korrin Wiggins S 6-0/200 Sophomore 1VL Durham, NC
DeShawn Williams Photo 99 DeShawn Williams DT 6-1/295 Senior 3VL Central, SC
Mike Williams Photo 7 Mike Williams WR 6-4/220 Sophomore 1VL Vance, SC
Kevin Williamson Photo 38 Kevin Williamson CB 5-11/185 Senior (RS) TR Chicago, IL
Richard Yeargin Photo 49 Richard Yeargin DE 6-5/260 Freshman HS Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Dabo Swinney Photo
Dabo Swinney
Head Coach
Jeff Scott
Co-Offensive Coordinator, Wide Receivers
Brent Venables Photo
Brent Venables
Associate Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator, Linebackers
Tony Elliott Photo
Tony Elliott
Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Running Backs
Dan Brooks Photo
Dan Brooks
Associate Head Coach / Def. Tackles
Robbie Caldwell Photo
Robbie Caldwell
Assistant Coach, Offensive Linemen
Marion Hobby Photo
Marion Hobby
Co-Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Ends
Mike Reed Photo
Mike Reed
Assistant Coach, Cornerbacks
Danny Pearman Photo
Danny Pearman
Assistant Head Coach, Special Teams Coordinator, Tight Ends

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