2017 Clemson football Season Summary

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09/02Kent State56-3 WESPN
09/09Auburn14-6 WESPN
09/16@Louisville47-21 WABC
09/23Boston College34-7 WESPN2
09/30@Virginia Tech31-17 WABC
10/07Wake Forest28-14 WESPN2
10/13@Syracuse27-24 LESPN
10/28Georgia Tech24-10 WABC
11/04@NC State38-31 WABC
11/11Florida State31-14 WESPN
11/18The Citadel61-3 WACCN
11/25@South Carolina34-10 WESPN
12/02Miami$38-3 WABC
01/01Alabama+24-6 LESPN
$ACC Championship; +Sugar Bowl

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It appears your Web browser is not configured to display PDF files. No worries, just click here to download the PDF file.

Clemson Football Roster

Tremayne Anchrum Photo 73 Tremayne Anchrum OT 6-2/315 Sophomore 1VL Powder Springs, GA
Michael Batson Photo 96 Michael Batson P/PK 5-9/205 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Central, SC
Shadell Bell Photo 11 Shadell Bell TE 6-1/225 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Decatur, GA
Kelby Bevelle Photo 60 Kelby Bevelle DE 6-2/270 Senior (RS) SQ Apopka, FL
Kaleb Bevelle Photo 61 Kaleb Bevelle DE 6-4/265 Senior (RS) SQ Apopka, FL
Matt Bockhorst Photo 65 Matt Bockhorst OG 6-4/315 Freshman HS Cincinnati, OH
Chase Brice Photo 7 Chase Brice QB 6-2/230 Freshman HS Grayson, GA
Will Brown Photo 82 Will Brown WR 5-8/190 Freshman HS Boiling Springs, SC
Kelly Bryant Photo 2 Kelly Bryant QB 6-4/220 Junior 2VL Calhoun Falls, SC
Austin Bryant Photo 7 Austin Bryant DE 6-5/265 Junior 2VL Pavo, GA
Deon Cain Photo 8 Deon Cain WR 6-1/190 Junior 2VL Tampa, FL
Ryan Carter Photo 31 Ryan Carter CB 5-9/180 Senior (RS) 3VL Grayson, GA
Gage Cervenka Photo 59 Gage Cervenka OL 6-3/325 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Greenwood, SC
JC Chalk Photo 25 JC Chalk TE 6-3/255 Freshman (RS) RS Argyle, TX
TJ Chase Photo 18 TJ Chase WR 6-1/190 Freshman (RS) RS Plant City, FL
Adam Choice Photo 26 Adam Choice RB 5-9/220 Junior (RS) 2VL Thomasville, GA
Zerrick Cooper Photo 6 Zerrick Cooper QB 6-2/205 Freshman (RS) RS Jonesboro, GA
Kyle Cote Photo 32 Kyle Cote S 5-9/195 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Six Mile, SC
Tyrone Crowder Photo 55 Tyrone Crowder OG 6-2/340 Senior (RS) 3VL Marston, NC
Judah Davis Photo 36 Judah Davis LB 6-1/240 Junior 2VL Clemson, SC
J.D. Davis Photo 33 J.D. Davis LB 6-1/230 Junior 2VL Clemson, SC
Brian Dawkins Jr. Photo 9 Brian Dawkins Jr. CB 5-7/170 Freshman (RS) RS Parker, CO
Noah DeHond Photo 68 Noah DeHond OL 6-7/310 Freshman HS Rochester, NY
Nick Eddis Photo 91 Nick Eddis DT 5-11/270 Freshman HS Lawrence, KS
Marcus Edmond Photo 29 Marcus Edmond CB 6-0/170 Senior (RS) 2VL Hopkins, SC
Jacob Edwards Photo 69 Jacob Edwards OL 6-2/300 Freshman HS Vestavia Hills, AL
James Edwards Photo 95 James Edwards DT 6-2/300 Freshman HS Vestavia Hills, AL
Travis Etienne Photo 9 Travis Etienne RB 5-10/205 Freshman HS Jennings, LA
Justin Falcinelli Photo 50 Justin Falcinelli OL 6-4/315 Junior (RS) 2VL Middleton, MD
Tavien Feaster Photo 28 Tavien Feaster RB 5-11/215 Sophomore 1VL Spartanburg, SC
Clelin Ferrell Photo 99 Clelin Ferrell DE 6-4/265 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Richmond, VA
Mark Fields Photo 2 Mark Fields CB 5-10/180 Junior 2VL Charlotte, NC
Justin Foster Photo 35 Justin Foster DE 6-2/275 Freshman HS Shelby, NC
C.J. Fuller Photo 27 C.J. Fuller RB 5-10/215 Junior (RS) 2VL Easley, SC
Zach Giella Photo 77 Zach Giella OL 6-6/315 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Lincolnton, GA
Pat Godfrey Photo 64 Pat Godfrey OL 6-2/260 Grad Student SQ Greenlawn, NY
D.J. Greenlee Photo 87 D.J. Greenlee TE 6-1/245 Senior (RS) 2VL Clemson, SC
Christian Groomes Photo 39 Christian Groomes P/PK 5-10/185 Junior (RS) SQ Central, SC
Carter Groomes Photo 83 Carter Groomes WR 5-8/180 Freshman (RS) RS Central, SC
Taylor Hearn Photo 51 Taylor Hearn OL 6-5/325 Junior (RS) 2VL Williston, SC
Tee Higgins Photo 5 Tee Higgins WR 6-4/215 Freshman HS Oak Ridge, TN
Greg Huegel Photo 92 Greg Huegel P/PK 5-10/195 Junior (RS) 2VL Blythewood, SC
Albert Huggins Photo 67 Albert Huggins DT 6-3/315 Junior 2VL Orangeburg, SC
Mitch Hyatt Photo 75 Mitch Hyatt OT 6-5/310 Junior 2VL Sugar Hill, GA
Tucker Israel Photo 10 Tucker Israel QB 5-10/180 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Orlando, FL
Austin Jackson Photo 37 Austin Jackson S 6-1/210 Sophomore (RS) RS Cary, NC
Sterling Johnson Photo 93 Sterling Johnson DE 6-4/305 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Clayton, NC
Denzel Johnson Photo 14 Denzel Johnson S 6-0/205 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Columbia, SC
Hunter Johnson Photo 15 Hunter Johnson QB 6-4/200 Freshman HS Brownsburg, IN
Kendall Joseph Photo 34 Kendall Joseph LB 6-0/235 Junior (RS) 2VL Belton, SC
Xavier Kelly Photo 22 Xavier Kelly DT 6-4/305 Freshman (RS) RS Wichita, KS
Carson King Photo 97 Carson King P/PK 5-11/215 Sophomore (RS) SQ Nashville, TN
Tre Lamar Photo 57 Tre Lamar LB 6-4/255 Sophomore 1VL Roswell, GA
Dexter Lawrence Photo 90 Dexter Lawrence DT 6-4/350 Sophomore 1VL Wake Forest, NC
Ryan Mac Lain Photo 37 Ryan Mac Lain WR 5-9/175 Sophomore (RS) SQ Plymouth, IN
Jack Maddox Photo 46 Jack Maddox LS 6-3/235 Freshman HS Acton, MA
Jarvis Magwood Photo 46 Jarvis Magwood LB 5-11/215 Junior (RS) SQ Greenville, SC
Jack McCall Photo 26 Jack McCall CB 5-11/200 Freshman HS Mount Pleasant, SC
Ray-Ray McCloud Photo 34 Ray-Ray McCloud WR 5-10/180 Junior 2VL Tampa, FL
Maverick Morris Photo 69 Maverick Morris OL 6-5/305 Senior (RS) 3VL Broxton, GA
Hall Morton Photo 40 Hall Morton S 5-8/180 Freshman (RS) RS Birmingham, AL
Trayvon Mullen Photo 1 Trayvon Mullen CB 6-1/195 Sophomore 1VL Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tanner Muse Photo 19 Tanner Muse S 6-2/230 Sophomore (RS) SQ Belmont, NC
Dorian O'Daniel Photo 6 Dorian O'Daniel LB 6-1/215 Senior (RS) 3VL Olney, MD
Diondre Overton Photo 14 Diondre Overton WR 6-4/210 Sophomore 1VL Greensboro, NC
Seth Penner Photo 70 Seth Penner OG 6-2/325 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Naples, FL
Patrick Phibbs Photo 58 Patrick Phibbs LS 6-2/210 Sophomore (RS) SQ Pittsburgh, PA
Nyles Pinckney Photo 44 Nyles Pinckney DT 6-1/300 Freshman (RS) RS Beaufort, SC
Sean Pollard Photo 76 Sean Pollard OL 6-5/310 Sophomore 1VL Jackson Springs, NC
Cornell Powell Photo 17 Cornell Powell WR 6-0/210 Sophomore RS Greenville, NC
Luke Price Photo 80 Luke Price TE 6-2/235 Freshman (RS) HS Dillon, SC
Chandler Reeves Photo 78 Chandler Reeves OL 6-6/290 Freshman (RS) RS McDonough, GA
Chris Register Photo 45 Chris Register DE 6-3/260 Junior (RS) 1VL Browns Summit, NC
Darien Rencher Photo 21 Darien Rencher RB 5-8/195 Freshman (RS) RS Anderson, SC
Hunter Renfrow Photo 13 Hunter Renfrow WR 5-10/185 Junior (RS) 2VL Myrtle Beach, SC
Milan Richard Photo 80 Milan Richard TE 6-3/255 Junior (RS) 2VL Savannah, GA
Jabril Robinson Photo 50 Jabril Robinson DL 6-2/265 Junior (RS) 2VL Leland, NC
Amari Rodgers Photo 3 Amari Rodgers WR 5-10/210 Freshman HS Knoxville, TN
Logan Rudolph Photo 34 Logan Rudolph DE 6-2/245 Freshman HS Rock Hill, SC
Cameron Scott Photo 39 Cameron Scott CB 5-9/205 Junior (RS) SQ Florence, SC
Marquis Sease Photo 69 Marquis Sease OL 5-11/280 Freshman HS Swansea, SC
Connor Sekas Photo 41 Connor Sekas LB 6-2/220 Junior (RS) SQ Vienna, VA
Isaiah Simmons Photo 11 Isaiah Simmons LB 6-4/230 Freshman (RS) RS Olathe, KS
John Simpson Photo 74 John Simpson OL 6-4/330 Sophomore 1VL North Charleston, SC
James Skalski Photo 47 James Skalski LB 6-0/240 Sophomore RS Sharpsburg, GA
Cannon Smith Photo 84 Cannon Smith TE 6-4/265 Junior (RS) 2VL Columbia, SC
Van Smith Photo 23 Van Smith S 5-11/195 Junior 2VL Charlotte, NC
Chad Smith Photo 43 Chad Smith LB 6-3/240 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Sterling, VA
Shaq Smith Photo 5 Shaq Smith LB 6-2/255 Freshman (RS) RS Baltimore, MD
Baylon Spector Photo 10 Baylon Spector LB 6-2/230 Freshman HS Calhoun, GA
Alex Spence Photo 41 Alex Spence P/PK 6-1/205 Junior (RS) SQ Florence, SC
Austin Spence Photo 52 Austin Spence LS 6-1/200 Sophomore (RS) SQ Florence, SC
Will Spiers Photo 48 Will Spiers P 6-5/225 Freshman (RS) RS Cameron, SC
Cade Stewart Photo 62 Cade Stewart OL 6-3/305 Freshman (RS) RS Six Mile, SC
Jack Swinney Photo 20 Jack Swinney WR 5-8/160 Senior (RS) SQ Lawrenceville, GA
Will Swinney Photo 22 Will Swinney WR 5-9/185 Freshman HS Clemson, SC
AJ Terrell Photo 8 AJ Terrell CB 6-1/190 Freshman HS Atlanta, GA
Ty Thomason Photo 35 Ty Thomason WR 5-10/225 Sophomore (RS) SQ Greenville, SC
Trevion Thompson Photo 1 Trevion Thompson WR 6-2/205 Junior (RS) 2VL Durham, NC
Amir Trapp Photo 38 Amir Trapp CB 5-8/160 Sophomore (RS) 1VL Clemson, SC
Nolan Turner Photo 24 Nolan Turner S 6-1/205 Freshman (RS) RS Vestavia Hills, AL
Kanyon Tuttle Photo 81 Kanyon Tuttle WR 5-10/170 Sophomore (RS) SQ Charlotte, NC
Regan Upshaw Photo 53 Regan Upshaw DE 5-11/240 Freshman (RS) RS Bradenton, FL
Blake Vinson Photo 72 Blake Vinson OL 6-4/300 Freshman HS Ocala, FL
K'Von Wallace Photo 12 K'Von Wallace S 5-11/205 Sophomore 1VL Richmond, VA
Tristan Walliser Photo 89 Tristan Walliser DE 6-3/225 Freshman (RS) 1VL Clover, SC
Christian Wilkins Photo 42 Christian Wilkins DT 6-4/315 Junior 2VL Springfield, MA
Jalen Williams Photo 30 Jalen Williams LB 5-9/225 Junior 2VL Columbia, SC
Garrett Williams Photo 44 Garrett Williams TE 6-2/235 Junior 2VL Orlando, FL
LeAnthony Williams Photo 20 LeAnthony Williams CB 5-11/185 Freshman HS Atlanta, GA
Jordan Williams Photo 59 Jordan Williams DT 6-4/310 Freshman HS Virginia Beach, VA
Richard Yeargin Photo 49 Richard Yeargin DE 6-5/260 Junior (RS) 2VL Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Dabo Swinney Photo
Dabo Swinney
Head Coach
Jeff Scott
Co-Offensive Coordinator, Wide Receivers
Brent Venables Photo
Brent Venables
Associate Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator, Linebackers
Tony Elliott Photo
Tony Elliott
Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Running Backs
Robbie Caldwell Photo
Robbie Caldwell
Assistant Coach, Offensive Linemen
Todd Bates Photo
Todd Bates
Assistant Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, Defensive Tackles
Mickey Conn Photo
Mickey Conn
Assistant Coach, Safeties
Mike Reed Photo
Mike Reed
Assistant Coach, Cornerbacks
Brandon Streeter Photo
Brandon Streeter
Assistant Coach, Passing Game Coordinator, Quarterbacks
Danny Pearman Photo
Danny Pearman
Assistant Head Coach, Special Teams Coordinator, Tight Ends

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